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Rustic Wood Meredith

Bring an original touch to your decor with flooring, custom furniture, shelves, beams and mantels, made out of rustic wood.

Surely you have driven by New England’s country side and noticed dozens of abandoned barns and farms, built with sturdy, rustic wood, that can be recuperated. As a reclaimed wood retainer, we offer you the chance to realize all of your indoor and outdoor projects, while giving them this historical aspect of our ancestors’ old homes and farms.

Whether you need a country-style flooring for your new store, a mantel for your lake house or beams to support your brand new cabin, we can provide you with a variety of rustic wood planks to fill your decor with a typical rural touch.

We ship in Meredith, New England, and the United States. Come visit us in our showroom and find the ideal rustic wood to give your home, business or cabin this typical country-side charm.

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