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Reclaimed Pine Wood Albany City

If you are looking for reclaimed pine wood in Albany City, Storied Boards supplies a broad range of pine barn wood, custom pine flooring, pine barn beams, and pine fireplace mantels at the best price online, perfect for construction contractors, home improvement projects, designers, architects, and furniture builders. Buy your pine wood online and obtain fast shipping everywhere in the United States.

Reclaimed pine wood : Affordable, elegant, and versatile.

Even back in the 18th and 19th century, pine wood was still one of the most popular and polyvalent wood species on the market. This softwood essence was mostly used for portal framing in large buildings, like farms and barns, but also for flooring and furniture. Nowadays, reclaimed pine wood is liked for his rustic aspect, solidity, and extraordinary resistance to rot and decay. You can use reclaimed pine wood for pine flooring, pine beams and wide planks, but also, fireplace mantels.

What are the advantages of reclaimed pine wood?

  • Very affordable building material
  • Has excellent workability
  • Can be varnished and sanded easily.
  • Has naturally aesthetical pattern, which makes it perfect for decorative solution

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Any questions?

Do you have a special project in mind that requires reclaimed pine wood? Do you need more information about our reclaimed pine wood prices and availability? We invite you to contact us. We will send you a detailed quote in the best delays. Take the chance to request a sample of reclaimed pine that can match your requirements. We ship everywhere in Albany City, New York, and anywhere in the United States. Come visit us in our showroom in Lake George, New York, and buy your reclaimed pine lumber directly from our warehouse!

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