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Reclaimed Maple New York City

If you are looking for reclaimed maple in New York City, Storied Boards supplies a vast range of maple barn wood, maple hardwood flooring, maple barn boards, and maple barn beams, at the best price perfect for constructors, architects, furniture buildings and suppliers, and designers. Shop online and obtain fast shipping everywhere in the United States.

Reclaimed Maple : for a classic and functional style

For decades, maple reclaimed wood has always been prized as one of the best building materials for hardwood flooring, barn wood cabinets, and custom barn wood furniture. Back in the 1800’s, maple was also used for its solidity for barn frames, houses, and beams. You may use reclaimed maple wood for building furniture, wood cabinets, and maple hardwood flooring.

What are the advantages of reclaimed maple wood?

  • Fine, consistent grain for a uniform appearance (can be sanded to a glass-smooth finish)
  • Can be easily stained and painted with hue for a rich, and even tone.
  • Stronger and harder than most barn wood, resistant to stain, heat, and cannot be easily damaged.

Take a look at our many reclaimed maple wood and products!

Any questions?

If you have a special project in mind, or if you want to learn more about our reclaimed maple wood, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with a detailed quote in the best delays. You can also request a sample of reclaimed wood that can match your requirements. We ship everywhere in New York City, and anywhere in the United States. Come visit us in our showroom in Lake George, New York, and buy your reclaimed maple lumber directly from our warehouse!

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