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Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves New Jersey

Get the best reclaimed wood floating shelves, made form authentic solid barn wood, for your home, retail store, or business in the New Jersey Area. Buy online and get low-priced and fast shipping everywhere in the USA.

If your home or retail store is missing some storing or displaying shelves, barn wood floating shelves might be the solution for your. Add to your décor wooden barn floating tablets to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, but also to optimize your storage space. You can choose among thick or thin barn wood planks to create your floating shelf arrangement. Barn wood floating shelves can support and display anything from clothing, to books, pictures, and decoration; barn board and beams were used to support fairly large buildings for sometimes centuries. Your reclaimed wood floating shelves will become an investment for years to come. We harvest each piece of barn wood in historical buildings going back as far as 1770, that are still standing in New England countryside.

There are very few building materials which aspect and texture can match those of the barn wood. Antique slow-growth wood provides solidity, a distinctive tight grain, and naturally weathered colors and shades that can only be produced by the passing of years. Whether you need reclaimed wood floating shelves for your home, your cabin, your retail store, or any other business, we are here to help. We invite you to contact us with the details of your project, and we can send a detailed quote, and suggestions to bring your ideas to life.´

We provide you with shipping in New Jersey, and everywhere in the United States. Come meet us in our showroom and we will be happy to create unique reclaimed wood floating shelves that will go beyond your expectations.

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