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Barn Wood Display Table Chicago

Get the best reclaimed wood display table made with authentic barn wood for your retail store, business, or restaurant. Buy online and obtain shipping everywhere in Chicago and United States.

Highlight your products with prestige and authenticity with a custom made barn wood display table. Not only will it immediately catch the eyes of your customers, but it will also bring a touch of American heritage in your retail store, shop, or small business. Barn wood tables have a warmth and coziness attached to them that you could never find with contemporary and modern display furniture. All of our barn boards and barn wide planks are harvested in 19th and 20th century barns, stables, and farms that are still seen everywhere on New England’s countryside.

Check out the barn wood display tables that we have made for Lush Cosmetics.

Centuries-old barn wood cannot be compared to any building material. It has a distinctive tight grain, knots and textures, as well as naturally weathered colors and shade that only the passing of many years can create. Whether you wish to display shoes, food, books, or jewelry, your barn wood table will bring out the best in any product and will last many years with little or no maintenance. Each of our custom barn wood display tables have their unique features. If you have a special project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. Unconventional projects are always exciting to work on.

We ship to Chicago, Illinois, and everywhere in the United States. Come meet us in our showroom and we will be happy to build one-of-a-kind barn wood display table that will be beyond anything you have ever seen.

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