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Reclaimed Chestnut New Jersey

If you are looking for reclaimed chestnut tree, Storied Boards supplies a broad range of chestnut barn wood, chestnut hardwood flooring, chestnut barn beams and boards, and chestnut fireplace mantels at the best price online, perfect for furniture builders, designers, architects, home improvement projects, and contractors. Buy your reclaimed chestnut online and get fast low-priced shipping everywhere in the United States.

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood : A strong combination of solidity and style

Chestnut tree is lesser known than maple and oak, but is still prized nowadays for its sturdiness and durability. Back in the colonial times, chestnut was used on anything that was destined to last : barns, houses, farms, furniture, even railroad ties. In this day and age, constructors and woodworkers choose reclaimed chestnut for chestnut cabinets, chestnut furniture, chests, and in its rarest form, chestnut flooring.

What are the advantages of reclaimed chestnut tree?

  • Chestnut wood is fairly dense and hard, as well as strong and elastic.
  • Does not shrink considerably, and is stable once it’s dry.
  • Heartwood of chestnut has good natural durability, even when exposed to elements
  • Can be varnished and sanded easily.

Take a look at our many reclaimed chestnut wood products!

Any questions?

Do you have a particular project in mind for your reclaimed chestnut wood? Do you need more information about our reclaimed chestnut prices and availability? We invite you to contact us. We will send you a detailed quote in the best delays. You also have the opportunity to request a sample of reclaimed chestnut that can match your requirements. We ship everywhere in New Jersey, and anywhere in the United States. Come visit us in our showroom in Lake George, New York, and buy your reclaimed chestnut lumber directly from our warehouse!

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