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Reclaimed Wood Deck Pittsburgh

Find the best barn planks and wide planks and materials to build your reclaimed wood deck at home, in your lake house or business in Pittsburgh. Shop online and obtain fast and low price shipping everywhere in the United States.

When you think about a deck, you picture a group of friends having a drink having a drink during summertime in a warm and convivial atmosphere. Bring a part of American rural history to your home by having a reclaimed wood deck, made with barn wood wide planks and beams, known to have supported large building such as farms, stables, and barns. One of the main advantages of reclaimed wood decking is that it shows character. This type of wood gives your home a lift and unique touches like tenons, mortises, and bolt holes, not to mention the original texture and color. All of our barn wood planks and beams have been found on 19th and 20th century barns, stables and farms that still embellish New England’s countryside.

Not many building material can boast about having the same aspect and texture as the antique barn wood. Reclaimed wood has a distinctively tight grain and naturally weathered colors and patina that can only be obtained by the passing of time and elements. If you have a deck project for your home, business, or cabin, we’ll be happy to help realize your vision by sending you all the proper materials to build your one-of-a-kind deck. However, if you have a special project in mind, we invite you to contact us. Our team will work side by side with you to bring your deck ideas to reality.

We ship to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and everywhere in the United States. Come meet us in our showroom and we will be happy to provide all materials for your extraordinary reclaimed wood deck that will surpass all your expectations.

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