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Inside StoriedBoards' Custom Built 48 Foot High Temperature Kiln

Q: Is StoriedBoards’ Lumber treated?

Yes. 100% of our materials are heat treated in our custom 48 foot high temperature kiln.

Q: Why should I care about getting heat treated lumber?

Untreated reclaimed lumber can carry termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants and other pest that can eat your home from the inside out. This can cause thousands of dollars of damage and tremendous headaches for home and business owners alike!

Q: Why is heat treatment best?

Heat treatment is the only method to 100% ensure that reclaimed materials do not harbor any pests. Heating the materials to an internal temperature of over 120 degrees guarantees all insects and their larva are fully destroyed.

Q: What about chemical applications, doesn’t that work?

Surprisingly, no. Chemicals can only be applied topically; meaning those pests that are within the material are not guaranteed to come in contact with the chemicals and therefore won’t be killed.

Plus, do you want highly toxic chemicals applied to materials entering your home or business?

Q: I just found a “really good deal” for barn wood on Craigslist, should I buy it?

First of all, congratulations! Secondly, ask the right questions. Importantly, is this heat treated? (Taking a wild guess, its probably not and fresh out of an unnamed old barn while being sopping wet.) We have heard some bad stories about people buying and installing untreated wood — termites falling on your lap while you’re watching TV? No good.

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