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Reclaimed Wood Cabinets Boston

Find the best materials for your reclaimed wood cabinets for your home, retail store, or restaurant in Boston. Buy online and get low-price and fast shipping everywhere in the United States.

If you wish to maximize your storage space in style and character, reclaimed wood cabinets are what you need. Storied Boards provides you with all the barn boards and beams that you might need to built your wood cabinets. You have the chance to bring a part of America’s rural history into your home, kitchen, or bathroom with stunning barn wood cabinets that will highlight your interior with warmth and rustic charm. New England’s 19th and 20th century farms, barns, and stables provide you with majestic, authentic reclaimed wood that you can use to bring your project to life.

No building material can quite reproduce the appearance and texture of barn wood. Authentic barn wood planks have an exceptionally tight grain and naturally weathered colors that only the passing of time can create. Whether you wish to install reclaimed wood cabinets in your retail store, your kitchen, bathroom or your restaurant, tell us about your project and we will be happy to provide you with all the barn wood you may need. However, if you have a particular project in mind, we invite you to contact us. We will send you with detailed quote and even suggestions for your projects.

We ship to Boston, Massachusetts, and everywhere in the United States. Come meet us in our showroom and we will be happy to provide all materials for your unique reclaimed wood cabinets that will surpass all your expectations.

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