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Background: What We Believe


StoriedBoards was founded on the simple idea that history should not be lost when materials are reclaimed from their original source.

That is why every product StoriedBoards sells is exhaustively researched, thoroughly documented and passed on to our customers.

We are dedicated to giving our products a voice, telling the stories of their past and allowing you to write the next chapter of their life.


StoriedBoards products are 100% recycled, sustainable, eco-friendly and perfect for your green or LEED certified building.

We sell only reclaimed antique lumber and timber, and do not offer any “conventional” wood products that are cut from modern forests.

StoriedBoards reclaims its materials solely via the hands of its own team. This ensures that proper care and respect is employed to both the structure and the surrounding land, while minimizing our waste, increasing the quality of reclaimed materials and returning the land to its original state.


StoriedBoards lists every product we have, online and with our price clearly stated. No price ranges, no up sells and no requirement to call or write for a quote. We can’t find anyone else who offers that transparency in the reclaimed market.

In addition, we promise to always:

  • Workone-on-one with you to provide the highest quality customer experience
  • Answer all the questions you have, any time you have them
  • Provide a pressure-free sales experience
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